Toronto Downtown Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) Hotspots

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Toronto Downtown - Toronto Underground (PATH) and Vicinity

The following list is generally organized geographically moving from south to north.

Name Location Operator / Charge Notes
Piazza Manna Queen Quay - 10 Bay Street Spotnik $  
Air Canada Center 40 Bay Street Bell AccessZone $  
Croissant Tree Union Station (Arrivals) Fatport $  
Harvey's Union Station (Great Hall) Bell AccessZone  
  Union Station Telus Mobility $ (all common areas)
Panorama Lounge Union Station ?  
Fairmount Royal York Hotel 100 Front St. West (@Bay) Fairmount $  
? Simcoe Place ?  
Lonestar Texas Grill Simcoe Place - 200 Front Street West BOLDStreet $  
Timothy's Metro Toronto Convention Centre - 255 Front West Telus Mobility $  
Source by CC? MTCC open access point  
bWireless CityPlace - 363 Front bWireless  
Druxy's Royal Bank Plaza Spotnik $  
  Royal Bank Plaza Bell AccessZone $  
Acqua BCE Place Spotnik $  
Piazza Manna BCE Place Spotnik $  
Telus BCE Telus Mobility $ (all common areas)
SourcebyCC ? BCE Place open access point  
Timothy's 66 Wellington West Spotnik $  
Druxy's CP Tower (York/Wellington) Spotnik $ (Unable to confirm)
Second Cup 95 Wellington Spotnik $  
Croissant Tree Commerce Court West Fatport $  
Druxy's Commerce Court West ? ?
Cafe Supreme TD Tower - 77 King West Spotnik $  
bWireless 200 Bay Street bWireless  
? 55 University Avenue (food court) ? SSID: Briggs_Wireless
Starbucks 4 King West ?  
Second Cup 145 King West Rogers Wireless  
Second Cup Scotia Plaza Telus Mobility $  
Debut Cafe Standard Life - 121 King West (King/York) Spotnik $  
Druxy's Standard Life (King/York) Spotnik $
Telus First Canadian Place - 100 King West Telus Mobility $ (entire tower)
bWireless Exchange Tower - 130 King West (@York) bWireless  
Piazza Manna Exchange Tower - 130 King West (@York) Spotnik $  
LASIK Exchange Tower open / free  
Rogers Store 330 Bay (at York)    
Druxy's Oxford Tower - 130 Adelaide West (@York) Spotnik $  
The Croissant Tree 335 Bay Boingo/Fatport $  
  Victoria Street at Richmond East Wireless Nomad - FREE  
Lettieri Cafe Sheraton Center - 123 Queen West Spotnik $  
Sheraton Center 123 Queen West Bell Accesszone $  
Druxy's Thompson Building - 65 Queen West Spotnik $  
Druxy's Eaton Center Spotnik $  
Marriot Hotel Eaton Center iPass $  
Sony Store Eaton Center Free  
TelusMobility Eaton Center Telus Mobility $  
Croissant Tree Atrium on Bay Fatport $  

Note 1: Some of the above are marked as "open access point" because it is not clear whether the operator is or is not intentionally providing public access.

Note 2: Telus, Bell and Rogers allow cross billing of each other's cellular phone subscribers for wifi access.   Fido users will need to have previously created a user profile on FIDO.CA.  Bell Mobility users are authenticated by sending an SMS text message containing a temporary WiFi password.  Users of TelusMobility who access the service from a SecondCup location but who do not authenticate can still access and for free. A Java-capable browser appears to be required in order to read the service terms, rates and certain other information (so these may not be visible on an PDA).

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