Go Daddy Patent Application

Go Daddy Group Inc. filed patent application number 20050216288 on September 29, 2005. The patent claims as a patentable invention the offering the following services to a customer in a single package: (a) registering a new domain name; (b) setting up a hosted website using such domain name; and (c) submitting an application to the trademarks office in order to trademark the selected domain name. There may also be an additional service of submitting the URL of the hosted website to various serach engines. Obviously, offering these services as a package with only one set of forms that need to be filled out may result in some rekeying of data. Also, performing all of these steps, and within a shorter rather than longer timeframe, may provide better legal protection. However, is offering this combination of services as a package, even if not offered by others, something that would not be obvious to someone skilled in the art?

USPTOPatent Application No. 20050216288

Apparently, Go Daddy employs two full time patent attorneys and has over 50 patent applications pending. Another patent application covers the process of combining the designing a website with an application to the US copyright office.