VOIP Publicity Campaign

On Nov. 3, a number of VoIP service providers, including Skype, Earthlink, Google, Level 3, Sonus and Pulver.com launched a media campaign designed to make VoIP a household name. The campaign will eventually include a consumer education component designed to tell consumers what VoIP really means. See VoIP: It’s Not a Car or a Brand of Vodka

This sounds like a good idea to help expand stationary VOIP installations. However, the industry has a way to go in terms of making reducing the technical problems associated with VOIP products working through common consumer routers – particularly for mobile devices such as Wifi/VOIP handsets which a number of manufacturers are being to roll out. There are a number of technologies, such as outbound proxies and STUN servers, available to deal with the NAT Traversal problem. However, most implementations I’ve tested don’t seem to work consistently. Also, most Wifi/VOIP handsets do not come equipment with a browser, even a simple one, making use impossible at any public hotspot that requires authentication or even agreement to a click-through terms of use agreement. There’s also the complete failure of the VOIP industry to implement encryption in order to protect private conversations!