Neat Product – PCExpanion from DoubleSight

Doublesight offers an nifty way to share a single computer among multiple users. Its called PCExpanion and consists of “terminals” which are connected to a keyboard, monitor, mouse and speakers, and which connect back to the “server” PC using Ethernet cabling. The server computer runs the PC Expanion software, which appears to include Windows Terminal Services, and shares its CPU processing power and peripherals with the various terminals that are attached.

The advantages are: it is less expensive than buying multiple computers, the terminals take less desk space, software only needs to be installed on a single computer and any update activities need only be done once (so there are time savings if you are responsible for computer support).

Additional RAM memory is usually required to support multiple users. However, the biggest disadvantage is that the PCExpanion software tends to break on frequently when Microsoft releases new updates. So its necessary to wait a few days while Double Sight creates a new update for PCExpanion before Windows can be updated. This timeframe creates a security gap and its unfortunate that Double Sight is not able to get their updates out there quicker.