Rogers to cut Usenet feed

Rogers has announced that they will be suspending the operation of their Usenet feed effective December 15th, 2005.

The stated official reason is:

Internet technology is constantly changing. Usenet was one of the earliest forms of user discussion on the Internet, but today has largely been replaced by blogs, instant messaging, personal web pages and other tools. As a result, fewer and fewer people are accessing Usenet.

A post on Broadband Reports claims that a US cable operator, Comcast, had indicated that Usenet newsgroups were used by less than 1% of its subscribers but consumed a disproportionate amount of bandwidth. In addition to saving money paying Giganews for access to newsgroups (Rogers had outsourced the business earlier this year), Rogers may also have become increasingly concerned that subscribers may be turning to newsgroups to download MP3 content as the RIAA has continued its efforts to shut down P2P services.

Rogers customers that wish to obtain continued access to Usenet will need to subscribe to a third party Usenet provider such as Giganews or Supernews. Other free alternatives, particularly for people who are not trying to obtain access to the Usenet Binaries is to use Google Groups.

Thanks to Rob Hydman for the heads up.