Splogs (Spam Blogs)

Newsweek has an article about Splogs. Splogs, which is the name given to spam blogs, typically consist of excerpts of material taken (ripped off) from legitimate blogs and websites, and are used to (i) pull in people performing searches in order to display paid placement advertising or to (ii) inflate the popularity of other blogs which in turn contain paid placement advertising.

Operators of Splogs are very attacted to one particularly Blogging service – BlogSpot/Blogger – because it is very easy and quick to set up a new blog there, it can be done with a high level of anonymity, there is no fee for operating a blog there, and the service is affiliated with Google (which typically means the blogs there are indexed quickly). However, dispite complaints, BlogSpot/Blogger seems very hesitant to do anything about the Splogs, probably because they help generate revenue for Google’s Adsense service. Its too bad they don’t remove any blog that does not contain original content.