Bell Canada and Overcharging

I recently reviewed a relative’s Bell Canada phone bill. Its one of their new consolidated “one bill” format that combines the charges for the various services. Seems that some of the digital bundle savings were not being passed on as originally promised. When confronted with the overcharging, Bell’s “Television Services” division provided a retroactive credit (translation – the credit was posted to the customer’s account but had not yet been carried over to the “one bill”. Since the credit does not appear on the “one bill” until the following month, Bell advised that the current bill had to be paid in full or interest would be charged. So the message is clear – pay us what we billed you, even if we overcharged you and clearly acknowledge doing so, or there will be interest to pay.

1. If you’re a Bell customer, check your bills and check them often.
2. If you’re not a “one bill” customer and Bell offers to consolidate your varoius Bell bills, don’t do it.
3. If you’re a lawyer having a slow month and looking for some class action litigation experience ….

P.S., Bell makes it difficult for customers to check their bills because they often don’t list the separate services being subscribed to on every bill. You can either wait for the once a year bill which shows all the services or you can add a new feature and then cancel the next day. A change in features will usually cause a detailed list of services to be printed on your next bill.