Lawyers as Janitors?

Jeff Angus, a “knowledge management and restructuring consultant”, writing in eWeek about the Sony DRM situation, blames the lawyers. I know people like to blame lawyers for most things that go wrong, but I’d be very surprised that the law department at Sony would have made the decision to use DRM technology, selected the specific DRM used or performed any testing/due diligence prior to incorporating it into the Sony CDs. Judging by Mr. Angus’ other comments, sounds like he just hates lawyers.

He writes:

The backlash would have been avoidable if Sony had … kept the legal department from meddling with of its Digital Rights Management (DRM) schema.


Legal departments, especially within publicly-traded companies, tend to wield power disproportionate to their duties—duties that are basically janitorial in that they are an overhead service intended to maintain tidiness and hygiene.

From: CIOCentral and eWeek