Acacia acquires Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS) Patents

Acacia Patent Acquisition Corporation, a subsidiary of Acacia Research Corporation, has acquired rights to patents relating to Picture Archiving ang Communications Systems (PACS) (PDF) used in archiving and transmitting medical images from diagnostic imaging equipment such as MRIs and CTs. PACS enable multiple remote users to simultaneously access medical images from remote display terminals connected through data networks such as the Internet. They are commonly used by hospitals to acquire, archive, store and transmit medical patient image data for remote access by physicians located in other locations in the hospital, their private offices or from their home.

Acacia’s business model is to acquire patents, go after infringing users for past damages and assume responsibility for ongoing patent licensing and enforcement. The original patent owner receives a percentage of Acacia’s net recoveries from licensing and enforcement, up-front cash or both. There is speculation that Acacia may initiate a new licensing/litigation initiative against health care enterprises based on its newly acquired patent portfolio.