Spyware to Adware – Claria’s legacy

Wired has an interesting article about the corporate makeover of Gator into Claria. Claria is the publisher of leading GAIN ad-supported consumer software products such as the Gator e-wallet. While the business model has not changed much, and its products still track what users do on the Internet and send the data back to the company, the company has been successful in settling early lawsuits, pacifying regulators and getting anti-spyware companies to stop identifying its products as “malicious threats” or targeting them.

Personally, I hope that antivirus and antispyware software vendors will keep all products that track and transmit personal information, even if their vendors provide conspicious notice to consumers of what their products do, in a category such as McAfee’s Potentially Unwanted Programs so that they can be easily blocked by users concerned about safeguarding their privacy.