High Speed Mobile Data

From eWeek: Yesterday, Cingular Wireless launched its highest-speed data network service in several major U.S. cities. Based on HSDPA (high speed download packet access), the BroadbandConnect service provides average throughput rates of 400K bps to 700K bps, with bursts of up to a megabit per second. It is an upgrade to the company’s existing EDGE network and will be backward-compatible. Pricing is set at US$59.99 per month for an unlimited data (on a two year contract). Both Sprint-Nextel and Verizon Wireless charge US$59.99 for unlimited laptop usage of their EV-DO high-speed network for customers.

Canadian users wanting unlimited mobile data are not so lucky. As of Dec 7/05, options were more costly and sometimes more limited:

Rogers – C$100/month for 100 mb + $3 per additional meg
Fido – C$100/month for 100 mb + $30 per additional meg
Bell – C$100/month unlimited
Telus – C$100/month unlimited