FON Wi-fi Revolution

I wrote about FON a little more than a month ago. Its a neat idea. Install special software to share your access point (either for free, or for a fee), and in exchange, get access through other participating access points in the network.

There are three categories of “users”:
1. Linus – someone who wishes to share use of their wifi access point for free. In exchange, these users get free use of any access point in the network
2. Bills – someone who wishes to resell use of their wifi access point (50/50 split with FON)
3. Aliens – someone who simply wishes to pay for use of an access point that belongs to the network

The company recently released its software and is beginning to get some traction. However, looking at their map of current participants, the network appears to be limited to Spain for the most part.

Also, in my view, they should be a little more up front in warning potential participants that their participation in the network (and offering third parties use of their access point, whether for free or for a fee) would likely constitute a violation of the subscriber’s terms of use agreement with their Internet service provider. That could result in them being cut off from service, liable for additional fees, or liable for mischief caused by the third party use.