Theft of Blog content

The Micro Persuasion blog is reporting that its content is being reproduced by two other blogs without permission, one of which is even running Adsense advertising in order to profit from the activity.

Although Micro Persuasion’s problem appears to be wholesale replication, many blogs and web sites suffer from unauthorized reproduction of at least portions of their content which is used to divert search traffic to alternative sites. This is a common problem that will only get worst unless Google, Yahoo and other companies selling paid placement advertising services take measures to terminate their publisher customers that engage in these types of behavior. While doing so may result in a slight hit to revenues in the short term, if nothing is done then search results will become less and less useful over time, hurting their long term business model.

One comment left in response to the Micro Persuasion blog article refers to a tool called Copyscape that searches the web for copies of a particular page. Another comment suggests monetizing content theft.