Splogs – part 2

Another form of Splog is a blog that intentionally links to websites for the sole purpose of coming up on a list of “who links here” so that the blog author may, out of curiosity, visit the linking blog. The business model is to display paid placement advertising on that site and hope that a certain percentage of visitors will click on the ads.

If that wasn’t bad enough, there are now such linking blog sites that attempt to inject a virus/trojan when visited. I came across one this morning, Onlinemeetingsolutions.com – don’t go there. I can’t confirm whether the operators of the site are in on it or whether the site has simply been hacked. However, upon visiting the site, it will (according to my antivirus program) try to inject a JS/Wonka Trojan into your system through the browser.

I thought Splogs were bad but now I’ve discovered there are even worst things out there.