Competitiveness of Canadian Cellular Market

Some blogs have recently been commenting on the competitiveness of the Canadian telecom market. I decided to check out Fido’s website to see how things have changed during 2005. Thanks to Rogers (who acquired Fido just over a year ago), the bill for Fido subscribers heading south this winter as compared to last may be twice as high. So much for competition.

Calls received in the US
Now – C$0.70
1 year ago – US$0.20 roaming plus C$0.10 long distance plus airtime from your plan – or about C$0.33 if you had spare time, were using your phone during an evening/weekend unlimited period or subscribed to Fido’s unlimited incoming plan

Calls made from the US (to elsewhere in the US or back to Canada)
Now – C$0.80
1 year ago – US$0.20 roaming plus airtime from your plan

SMS messages
Now – C$0.20
1 year ago – C$0.10