Comparing Data Roaming Rates

I thought I’d compare the International data roaming rates of the two Canadian GSM carriers with the two US GSM carriers. As expected, Canadians overpay…

Tmobile – US$0.015 per K or US$15 per meg
Cingular – US$0.0195 per K or C$19.50 per meg
Fido – C$0.04 per K or C$40 per meg
Rogers – C$0.05 or C$50 per meg

So Canadians who want to access the Internet to check their email or whatever while traveling internationally get charged about twice the rate being charged by US carriers. I’m not sure if this is because the Canadian GSM carrier(s) – well, actually “carrier” since Fido is now owned by Rogers – has a monopoly or because Tmobile and Cingular were able to negotiate better roaming rates with every single foreign country.