FTC announces legal action against spammers

From eWeek – FTC Celebrates CAN-SPAM with Spam Suits:

On Tuesday, the FTC said it filed complaints against three spam operations accused of violating CAN-SPAM, and said Canada’s, Competition Bureau and Attorneys General in Florida, North Carolina and Texas took action against or settled cases against five others.

Those actions, coupled with better antispam technology have reduced the amount of spam consumers receive, or caused it to level off, FTC said.

Personally, I think the optimism is misplaced. Most services provide spam filtering options that catch the most common type of spam. However, in recent years, I’ve noticed a steady increase in the amount of industry-specific SPAM. That is SPAM that is directed at a specific industry such as the legal industry (CLE providers, investigators, etc. who try to market their services to lawyers), the financial services industry (conference organizers, etc.), the healthcare industry, etc. This kind of spam is much harder to filter out and usually makes it through to the intended recipient. So, even reducing the aggregate amount of spam being generated does not necessarily improve the situation for an average consumer or business user.

My view appears to be supported by an article in Computerworld –