Responding to the Network Neutrality Threat

Google, Yahoo, Vonage and other Internet content/service providers should develop a proactive response to the network neutrality threat. My suggestion is that each should start offering a bandwidth testing service. Add a little button on the home page for your customers to click and measure their network bandwidth and latency to your own site. Capture the data, including their ISP information, and build up a database. Next time another customer using that same ISP clicks on the bandwidth test button, show them your data ranked by the ISP providing the lowest latency. If any ISPs in the area start to implement a two-tiered structure where some traffic is given priority over your own, start running banner ads “click here for information on how to improve your surfing experience”so that customers can be redirected to competing ISPs that are not adversely prioritizing your traffic. Even if this whole network neutrality thing goes away, this will still be a useful tool for your customers to use.