Best VOIP Wi-Fi Handset – from Airvenue / QIIQ

While lacking a few interesting features of announced but yet unavailable wi-fi voip handsets (such as the video conferencing of the Philips VP5500, Skype-compatibility of the Accton VM1185T SkyFone or the built-in browser of the Linksys WIP 300), in my view the best voip wi-fi currently available is the Q-WiFi-Fone-XUV from

I’ve had one to play with for over a month and think its the most feature packed wi-fi phone currently available:

  • 802.11g in addition to 802.11b
  • USB charger interface
  • POP3/SMTP email client
  • WPA/WPA2 in addition to WEP support
  • G.729A/B codec in addition to G.711
  • Multiple WiFi profiles (to make it easier to connect in different locations without losing previous settings)
  • Multiple SIP profiles (which allows configuring access to up to 6 different SIP voip service providers)
  • Good support for various NAT traversal techniques