AuraGrid – rebroadcast Wi-Fi signals using existing cable

AuraOne Systems has a neat new product, AuraGrid, that can be used to rebroadcast wi-fi signals using existing cable tv (but not satellite) cabling. The solution is supposed to work with both 802.11b and 802.11/g signals. It comes with a 4-way duplexer/splitter that connects to the cable line where it enters the home. The wi-fi signal can be injected from, and is then sent to, any of up to 3 antenna units that can be connected to any room with cable access. I suspect that any low cost one-way amplifiers that may be present in the house may need to be upgraded to two-way broadband type amplifiers (of the type used with digital cable signals) or that the use of any amplifier may interfere with the operation of such a system. Also, one hopes that the 4-way duplexer/splitter has a filter built in so that any wi-fi signals are not sent back down the line.