Vonage Developments

There have been many recent posts regarding Vonage’s IPO. However, the news that I found more interesting comes from VOIP and Gadgets Blog’s posting – a source informed them that Vonage may open up its SIP credentials to enable users to configure their own SIP softphones and SIP hardphones to work with the Vonage service at no additional charge. I for one had tried the Vonage service early on and had terminated my account due to two factors: (i) many Vonage competitors were less expensive and (ii) the Vonage service would only work with locked telephone adapters and did not allow the freedom of using softphones or wi-fi voip handsets except as an add-on (and at an additional cost). Who wants to have to carry a bulky voice-over-IP adapter around when traveling? On the other hand, Vonage is larger and more credible than many of the smaller VOIP players. If they did open up their service, I would definitely consider re-activating service with them.