Jajah – Read the find print

ExtremeVOIP warns potential users of a new VOIP service, Jajah, to read the fine print. According to ExtremeVOIP: The company’s privacy policy and EULA, however, seem to imply that the service could be used as a window into a user’s online activities, including monitoring a user’s surfing habits and the content a user posts to message boards and web sites, sending him spam, disclosing personal information to third parties without control and consent, and even potentially allowing a third party to eavesdrop on the conversation.

However, upon a closer look, many of the provisions may not be as bad as they appear. They may simply be the result of inconcise drafting by the author of the terms of use and the privacy policy or the company’s desire to warn customers of the potential risks involved. However, it does appear to show that there is growing sensitivity to security and privacy issues. Lawyers acting for Internet companies need to pay additional attention to the wording of contracts and privacy policies they create for their clients.