RSA SecurID Security Tokens on mobile devices

RSA Security has announced that it is working on initiatives to permit a broad range of portable devices to serve as SecurID authenticators. This will mean that businesses won’t have to procure additional token devices and that employees and customers will not need to carry yet another stand-alone token. According to RSA Security’s press release:

Motorola plans to work with RSA Security in order to embed RSA SecurID technology within a range of Motorola phones. Through this partnership, Motorola phones would act as an RSA SecurID authenticator, enabling the phone owner to strongly authenticate to a protected Web site or other application.

SanDisk plans to embed the RSA SecurID one-time-password (OTP) algorithm into SanDisk TrustedFlashâ„¢ devices, enabling consumer-friendly, two-factor authentication for end users who purchase SanDisk mass-storage devices at retail outlets.

RSA Security and Research in Motion (RIM) continue to build upon their long-standing relationship to ensure that enterprise users benefit from the use of RSA SecurID authentication technology with BlackBerry®. RIM is building functionality in the upcoming release of BlackBerry Mobile Data System (MDS) v4.1 that integrates with RSA Authentication Manager enabling users to enter RSA SecurID credentials to access corporate applications and data. Integration is also being done to allow for the seamless, over-the-air provisioning of RSA SecurID software tokens to BlackBerry handhelds.