In my view, Air Canada has some systemic problems with the operation of its website. Although the online reservation system has been expanded to accommodate a larger number of passengers, I have personally not been able to book a trip for more than 5 people traveling together – and this problem has continued on for several years now. Every time its the same thing – everything is fine until the payment screen, and then boom! a system error. Each time I call Air Canada’s website help desk and get redirected to India. My experience with Air Canada’s India call center is that they are totally useless. For the first two years, they’d tell me to try another computer or to delete my cookies, which never worked. Yesterday they went further and asked me to try and carefully reformat the information I entered (don’t most other non-Air Canada computer systems include field validation?). So after 10-20 minutes of wasted time, I get transferred to a queue holding for a Montreal reservation person who has to book my reservation (they are usually great!). The same thing has happened about 6 or 7 times now. I’ve offered to provide 1-2 hours of my time at no charge to help them trouble shoot the bugs in their system, but there was never any interest on their part. Is this any way to run an e-commerce platform?