Roll-back software – RestoreIT / RollBack RX

PC World’s Techlog has a posting about problems experienced by some users with recent Microsoft security patches. To me, this highlights the need to run software on PCs that can allow users to easily roll-back recent changes. While the security fixes cannot be put off indefinitely, this approach at least allows the user to bring the computer back to a functional state while they figure out the cause of the conflict. It is also very useful when any new software is installed that messes up the existing configuration. Examples of products that provide roll-back capabilities include: Farstone’s RestoreIT 7 and Horizon Datasys’ RollBack RX. However, note that most of these types of products alter the boot track of the hard disk and will conflict with any other software that tries to do the same (for example, certain whole disk encryption software or even certain backup programs like Norton’s Ghost (at least the older versions)).