AnchorFree offers free VPNs for hotspots

According to Wi-Fi Network News, AnchorFree is offering a free VPN service called Hotspot Shield.

According to AnchorFree, Hotspot Shield:

  • Hotspot Shield helps secure your computer, your anonymity and your online communications when using free wi-fi. Hotspot Shield.
  • Ensures your computer remains anonymous and private when logged on to free wi-fi hotspots.
  • Auto encrypts and protects inbound / outbound Internet traffic (email, instant messaging, VoIP calls, web surfing, etc.) as it’s transmitted thru the air, using wi-fi.
  • Thwarts wireless hackers keeping your personal data locked down while using an unsecured hotspot.
  • Provides professional security and protection without expensive or complex requirements.
  • Unfortunately, the VPN client software requires a Windows 2000/XP or higher system.

    Other providers of public VPN services include personalVPN,, and SpotLock.
    More information about AnchorFree’s service is available at their blog.