Linksys WIP 330 voip wifi handset

I was recently looking at acquiring a Linksys WIP 330 voip wi-fi handset. As far as I know, its the only voip wi-fi handset that has a built-in web browser that can be used to authenticate through public hotspots that require users to accept a click through agreement. So for example, if someone wanted to use any of the free public wi-fi facilities in Burbank, West Hollywood, Santa Monica or similar cities, or wanted to use a paid public wi-fi network such as T-mobile’s, then this is currently the only way to go.

However, after conducting some research, I’ve discovered that this handset has some potentially serious weaknesses. First, it has only limited WPA support. This may limit its use at home or in the office but would not necessarily present a problem for use at public hotspots, where encryption is usually not an issue.

Next problem is that this handset appears to be vulnerable to a denial-of-service attack if it is targeted for an extensive port scan.

Lastly, this handset apparently does not appear to support STUN, a function that is very useful for NAT traversal. This feature is probably very important for on-the-go connectivity from a wide variety of public networks.

So overall, this handset appears to require some further work. I think I’ll wait for the next version.