Palm Foleo Mobile Companion

While most of the commentary about Palm’s newly announced Foleo Mobile Companion appears to be negative, I think the device will be a welcomed addition. While a full blown notebook provides greater flexibility and functionality, I’d love to also have a cheaper device I can take with me to Starbucks or the back yard for taking notes, etc.

Features reportedly include:

– 1.3 kg / 2.5 lb
– 10″ 1024×600 display with video out connector
– 256 meg memory (expandable)
– 5 hour battery with instant on capability
– Opera Web browser (wonder whether it will run flash, java, etc.?)
– Linux OS
– wifi and bluetooth connectivity (wonder if it will support WPA/WEP or how sensitive the wifi antenna/receiver is)
– ability to edit Word documents (using Documents to Go and with a PDF viewer)
– SD slot, USB port and headphone jack
– expected price US$499 after a US$100 rebate

Too bad Palm didn’t think to include a microphone input (at least none of the reviews mention it). It would have been great to have had the flexibility to add VOIP.