AT&T / Cingular’s GoPhone is a good option for travelers

Rather than paying high roaming fees, visitors to the US may benefit from purchasing a local prepaid phone. One option is Cingular/AT&T’s GoPhone. A US$100 prepaid card provides service for an entire year. Add another card before the year is up and the balance rolls over. From that perspective, the pricing is similar to that offered by TMobile in the US.

However, in order to get a 10 cent per minute rate (rather than 25), one must pay US$1 for any day the phone is used. But the advantage is free mobile-to-mobile calling with other Cingular subscribers. A great feature if you are traveling with another person or multiple people. As well, unlike TMobile’s 40 cent per minute long distance rate to Canada, Cingular only charges 15 cents per minute.

MediaNet Internet access is US$0.01 per k (however, it is not clear whether this can only be used to access a small set of defined mobile sites or whether full internet access is available).