VIA NanoBook Ultra Mobile Device

No long after Palm announced its new Foleo device, VIA has come out with its competitive offering, the NanoBook Ultra Mobile Device. However, unlike the Foleo, this device is not an actual product but rather is a “reference device” (i.e., concept) to demonstrate what an OEM could order from VIA.

Expecting to retail for about US$600, the NanoBook could have the following features.
– Windows XP or Vista
– weight less than 850g (1.87 pounds)
– 1.2GHz VIA C7-M processor
– up to 1GB of RAM
– 30GB hard drive
– 7-inch WVGA display
– 802.11g WiFi and Bluetooth
– DVI-out
– a slot for GPS, VoIP, or WWAN module
– up to five hours of battery life.

Its not clear whether the estimated price would include 1 gb of RAM and/or the operating system. The 7″ screen is smaller than the Foleo and given the proposed use of Windows, the unit would probably not have instant on capabilities. However, the device is expected to have a microphone jack and ethernet connectivity, two features lacking on the Foleo.

From Engadget