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Alan Gahtan is a Toronto-based computer, information technology and e-commerce lawyer who loves technology.

Intel’s Metro Mobile Notebook

Intel recently worked with a design firm to develop a concept notebook, codenamed the Intel Mobile Metro Notebook. It is ultra-thin (.7 inches), one of the lightest notebooks around (2.25 pounds), has a long battery life (14 hours) due to use of flash memory rather than a hard drive and a host of connectivity options (cellular, wifi and wimax). Smart-array microphones reduce background noise and enhanced security (finger print reader and a remote “kill” feature) round off the features. Of couse, not all of these are likely to make it into any commercial units since manufacturers will have to take cost into consideration.

From Business Week.

Blogger/Blogspot and fake blogs

Blogger/Blogspot seems to be doing a better job this year in pulling down fake blogs (meaning, blogs that just copy random text from other blogs or from websites for the sole purpose of displaying paid placement ads). However, I’ve noticed that while these fake blogs may have been suspended or removed, their data is not also pulled out of Google’s Blog Search database. Better coordination needs to happen in order to improve the search results from Blog Search. There’s not reason why Blog Search should be displaying hits for a blog that was taken down months ago. Come on Google!

Yak4Ever offers free international long distance

Yak4Ever offers free international long distance by calling a US phone number located in Minnesota. Unlike other similar services, it is necessary to first register a phone number and email address prior to using the service, and calls are limited to a list of 10 user-provided phone numbers. The specific subscriber is identified using ANI/CallerID and can then speed dial any of the 10 phone numbers by entering their speed dial locations. Set up is stated to take about 24 hours.
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