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Lawfirms and Wiki

The Illinois Trial Practice Weblog has an item on Collaboration Between Law Firms Using Wikis:

Although there are many ways for lawyers to collaborate in a secure environment using the Internet, many of the “solutions” require the use of an outside vendor or other IT professional. At the BlawgThink 2005 conference in Chicago, I learned that some lawyers have had success collaborating between firms using wikis, a solution that’s both inexpensive and within the technical reach of many lawyers.

While wikis are easy to set up, and there are a number of hosted wiki providers that can make the job even easier, I’m not sure the security provided for stored data has been adequately tested. Also, I don’t believe most wiki implementations take advantage of SSL or other encryption to protect information during transit. So wikis may be a good solution for colloboration within a firm, or for public information, but personally I would hold off on building a solution using a publicly accessible wiki that would hold any confidential information.

Big service, small firm

The November/December 2005 issue of Canadian Lawyer Magazine has an article by Simon Hally about how smaller firms, and even sole practitioners, are better able to compete with larger firms as a result of technology and the availability of legal outsourcing opportunities. While I’m not a believer that anything but very limited legal tasks can be outsourced offshore to places like India, I do think that local outsourcing of certain tasks to locally-admitted lawyers can make sense when extra help is required to perform legal research and certain litigation-related tasks.
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Lawyers as Janitors?

Jeff Angus, a “knowledge management and restructuring consultant”, writing in eWeek about the Sony DRM situation, blames the lawyers. I know people like to blame lawyers for most things that go wrong, but I’d be very surprised that the law department at Sony would have made the decision to use DRM technology, selected the specific DRM used or performed any testing/due diligence prior to incorporating it into the Sony CDs. Judging by Mr. Angus’ other comments, sounds like he just hates lawyers.
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A Different Approach to Law Firm Marketing

DWF, a large UK lawfirm sure employs a different approach to marketing their attorneys. Who said insurance lawyers were boring? This partner’s bio reads like a posting to a dating site. Not much information about his legal talents but useful information about what he likes to do after work. And the picture. I don’t know what to say. This partner’s picture is probably the most outragous but there are many more also worth viewing. I do recommend going through the partner profiles one by one if you’re having a slow day and need some entertainment.