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PhoneGnome / SoftGnome

TelEvolution, makers of PhoneGnome, have now come out with an add-on service offering called SoftGnome.

A PhoneGnome is a Sipura analog-telephone-to-VOIP- adapter that has been reflashed with TelEvolultion’s special software to provided added functionality. The adapter is inserted between your telephone and the telephone line. When you dial a number, the PhoneGnome checks to see if the dialed number belongs to another PhoneGnome user. If it does then the PhoneGnome routes the call through the Internet for free. Also, if the call is a long distance call, and you’ve signed up with an affiliated VOIP service provider, the PhoneGnome will route the call through that VOIP service provider. Lastly, when you receive incoming calls, even regular telephone calls, the PhoneGnome can let you take advantage of special features such as telemarketing screening or a voicemail-to-email service.

SoftGnome, which is being sold for approximately $5 per month, allows you to have a VOIP “extension” to your PhoneGnome. This means you can use a free softphone, another VOIP analog adapter located at a different location (even on the other side of the world) or a VOIP wifi handset, as an extension to your regular phone. Calls you make using the SoftGnome service dail out through your home phone. And calls you receive on your home phone can also ring on the SoftGnome device.

Pretty cool new product.

Thinkpad Lenovo Z60t

IBM Thinkpad Lenovo Z60t

Very cool laptop

thin (1.1″) and light (4.5 pounds)
Intel® Pentium® M processor or Celeron M Processors
black or titanium
14″ screen
optional built-in EVDO (provides download speeds of 500 kilobits per second or more)
fingerprint reader
one-button backup system to restore system files and settings
bluetooth and Wifi (depending on model)
SD, MMC and XD memory card slots
PC card slot
three USB 2.0 ports
Ethernet and modem port
Firewire IEEE 1394 port
batterly life – approximately 4 hours
CD-RW and DVD drive
Hard Drive Password support
Computrace Complete (by Absolute Software Inc) BIOS-based agent
Active Protection System helps protect the hard drive against damage if the PC is dropped