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Need to watch out for meta data

Last week, an unsigned Microsoft Word document critical of Samuel A. Alito Jr., a federal appeals court judge who has been nominated to the Supreme Court by President Bush, was the subject of discussion on many right wing blogs. Apparently, an analysis of meta data that was contained in the document revealed that the origin was the Democratic National Committee.

I guess the DNC needs a refresher lesson on the dangers of sending Word documents.
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Consumer Groups Want Action Against Spyware Company

A cross-border alliance of consumer advocacy groups (Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) and the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic) has formal complaints being filed with the Federal Trade Commission and the Canadian Competition Bureau urging the agencies to consider filing civil lawsuits against Montreal-based software distributor Integrated Search Technologies (IST), a company that the consumer groups claim utilizes aggressive and unethical installation practices.
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VOIP Security Risks

The Voice Over IP Security Alliance (VOIPSA) has published a VOIP Security and Privacy Threat Paper which provides a good overview of the various types of security threats facing VOIP communications. According to the VOIPSA, this VoIP Security Threat Taxonomy is meant to define the many potential security threats to VoIP deployments, services, and end users. Part of the challenge of devising effective VoIP security protections requires identifying these threats in the first place. The overall goal of this project is to help ground VoIP security awareness in the industry, press, and general public.