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New York Times article tackles Splog (Spam Blogs)

The New York Times has an article about Spam Blogs or Splogs:

During one weekend in October, persons unknown used Google’s blog-creation tool, Blogger, to generate more than 13,000 fake blogs. Hosted on Google’s free BlogSpot Web site, these splogs consisted of nonsense text, postings swiped from legitimate blogs and, most important, links to sites that sploggers were trying to promote. Because search engines base their rankings in part on how many other sites link to a particular site, splogs can propel the sites to which they are linked to the top of search-engine results.
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Canadian Bill C-37 (Do-Not-Call Law)

Canada’s Do-Not-Call Legislation (Bill C-37) has now been enacted and will come into force upon a date to be set by the Governor in Council. The legislation contains a number of exceptions in respect of a national do-not-call list (but exempt entities, except those calling to conduct surveys, must still maintain their own do-not-call lists):

– registered charities
– pre-existing business relationship (unless a do-not-call request has been made)
– candidates and registered political parties
– surveys
– solicitation of subscriptions to newspapers of general circulation

Splogs, Blogger and Adsense

Although they were not cooperative at first, and then were slow in responding, the Blogger Support Team seems to now be serious about helping address complaints about spam blogs. Maybe it was the fact that my email was formal, serious and written by an attorney. But, in any event, they recently wrote me to confirm that all the Blogger/Blogspot sites that I had previously identified as containing spam (and in particular, items about me or extracted from my website) have now been removed, and that they were forwarding my email which also contained a list of a few spam sites not hosted by them, to the Adsense team to help resolve issues regarding those other sites. Bravo Google!

Splogs (Spam Blogs)

Newsweek has an article about Splogs. Splogs, which is the name given to spam blogs, typically consist of excerpts of material taken (ripped off) from legitimate blogs and websites, and are used to (i) pull in people performing searches in order to display paid placement advertising or to (ii) inflate the popularity of other blogs which in turn contain paid placement advertising.
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This is Wonderland – NOT!

Someone involved with the production of This is Wonderland, a legal show being played on CBC at 8 pm on Wednesdays has decided it might boost ratings to send a spam email to lawyers. The email had a fake sender name of “; on behalf of;” and included a huge 300k plus jpg. If I was the Globe and Mail, I’d be pretty upset about spammers trying to fraudulently represent that an email was coming from them. On the other hand, the email headers indicated that it came from a Globe and Mail server, so maybe it was a Globe and Mail employee who sent it out and tried to disguise it as a GMAIL source.
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