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Bell Canada and Overcharging

I recently reviewed a relative’s Bell Canada phone bill. Its one of their new consolidated “one bill” format that combines the charges for the various services. Seems that some of the digital bundle savings were not being passed on as originally promised. When confronted with the overcharging, Bell’s “Television Services” division provided a retroactive credit (translation – the credit was posted to the customer’s account but had not yet been carried over to the “one bill”. Since the credit does not appear on the “one bill” until the following month, Bell advised that the current bill had to be paid in full or interest would be charged. So the message is clear – pay us what we billed you, even if we overcharged you and clearly acknowledge doing so, or there will be interest to pay.
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Comparing Internet Providers – Bell Sympatico

Interested in seeing how your existing Internet provider compares to your other alternatives? One good information source is Broadband Reports. The site includes tools to measure your current bandwidth, but more importantly, it also provides statistics on what other users have been getting from both your ISP and its competitors.

I recently compared Rogers against Bell Sympatico.
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CRTC investigating leak of cellphone records

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is calling the country’s phone companies onto the carpet over revelations in Maclean’s that U.S. databrokers are selling the home and cellphone records of Canadian consumers. The cell phone operators have been given 10 days to report back with details of how the breaches occurred and what steps have been taken to improve security in the future.

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Comparison of Canadian Wireless Data Options

Bell Canada has launched an upgraded wireless network in Toronto and Montreal that will let its customers download data and browse the Internet at faster speeds. Other cities are expected to be upgraded next year. Bell’s new EVDO (Evolution Data Optimized) service transmits data to wireless devices at more than five times the rate of its network before the upgrade.
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CRTC releases report on Competition

The CRTC has just released a report on the state of competition in Canada’s telecommunications market. The report examines the situation from a macro perspective.

They should have talked to me. On the micro level, fees for long distance and roaming have basically doubled this year for subscribers of Microcell since Rogers took over.

– unlimited GPRS data ($50/month) option – gone (compare to T-mobile’s equivalent for US$29.95/mo.)
– US roaming – old rate US$0.20 including long distance – new rate C$0.50 plus long distance (but no air time deduction)
– long distance – old rate: 10 cents – new rate: 20 cents per minute

Oh well, that’s life.