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Google Page Creator

Free tools to create web pages and 100 MB of free space for hosting (at That’s what Google is offering with its Google Page Creator. Still in beta but it looks slick and provides yet another means for Google to capture new user-generated content (along with Blogger and Google Base).

E-Mail not always the best way to communicate

Michael Fitzgibbon, in Thoughts from a Management Lawyer, points out in a recent post that email is not always the best way to get your message across, particularly when having to deal with difficult and possibly acrimonious subjects. The more difficult the conversation, the more likely it is that a face to face discussion is required. Personally, I find email to be very convenient, particularly when a message needs to be delivered to more than one person or when its important to document the conversation. However, I agree that in some cases it is better to have a one-on-one conversation but then it may be desireable to follow up with an email to confirm the discussion.

Cellphones to help detect cancer

We’ve all heard the stories about the RF emissions coming from cell phones potentially increasing the risk of cancer. Well, in the future, some cell phones may actually be used to help in the fight to detect cancer. According to a story at, by installing new software and adding a basic infrared camera, a mobile phone could be transformed into a highly-effective diagnostic tool, offering far more accurate results than the self-checks many women do themselves.

Via Engadget