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Sony issues apology re XCP

After the consumer outrage over its CD copy protection scheme which involved the installation of rootkits on PCs in which the Extend Copy Protection (XCP) disks were played, and possibly the fear of further lawsuits, Sony today issued an apology and announced that it would temporarily suspend the manufacture of XCP copy-protected CDs and re-examine its digital-rights management strategy.
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Another Read the License Agreement Example

Section 5.4 of the Master End-User License Agreement for Microsoft Software (PDF) states:

Internet-Based Services Components. The Software contains components that enable and facilitate the use of certain Internet-based services. You acknowledge and agree that Microsoft may automatically check the version of the Software and/or its components that you are utilizing and may provide upgrades or fixes to the Software that will be automatically downloaded to your computer.
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Shift Income to Ireland – Save Hundreds of Millions in Taxes

The Wall Street Journal has a nice article about how companies save millions of dollars in taxes by channelling licensing revenue through offshore affiliates. According to the article, in Microsoft’s case, running licensing revenues through a small affiliate in Ireland saves hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes. This affiliate operates out of the offices of a Dublin law firm that advertises its expertise in helping multinational companies use Ireland to shelter income from taxes.

Wed may be judgment day for RIM

From the Globe and Mail.

Research in Motion is scheduled to appear before judge James Spencer tomorrow and there is a possibility the Virginia judge could shut down BlackBerry service across the United States, RIM’s biggest market.

Judge Spencer has already ruled against RIM in the past. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit recently agreed that RIM infringed on NTP patents and has sent the case back to Judge Spencer for further review. While NTP plans to seek another injunction, RIM plans to request that the court enforce a $450-million (U.S.) settlement agreement that fell apart in June.

Microsoft calls for national Privacy law in the US

According to Brian Krebs, a WSJ writer on Computer Security, Microsoft is asking Congress to enact a new federal privacy law. Microsoft outlined a series of steps it would like to see Congress take to preempt a growing number of state laws that impose varying requirements on the collection, use, storage and disclosure of personal information. Just five or six years ago, Microsoft was a strong and vocal advocate of industry self-regulation on privacy. It now likely sees the benefit of having a single federal requirement rather than having to comply with a patchwork of state by state obligations.