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What is so special about YAK’s VOIP?

Another example of the importance of reading Terms of Service contracts …

Earlier this week, YAK Communications Inc. announced several new services: YakforFree and YaktoAnyone. Both services are based upon CounterPath’s (formerly XTEN) eyeBeam voice/video/IM SIP softphone. YakforFree allows users to set up video conversations with other YakforFree subscribers. YaktoAnyone is a prepaid VOIP service with competitive dialout rates (about 2 cents per minute for North America, as an example). If you know what you are doing, YaktoAnyone can also be configured for use with other SIP compatible softphones and VOIP hardware. For the most part, I consider these services to fall into the “me too” category. However, a closer look at YAK’s WorldCity VOIP service uncovered some interesting items.
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