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San Francisco Wi-Fi RFP

Lawyers and contract specialists generally like to collect copies of precedents and sample agreements. If you are so inclined, San Francisco’s Office of Contract Administration recently issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) in respect of their TechConnect Citywide Wireless Broadband Network (RFP 2005-19). A copy is available in PDF format. Simply click on the Request for Proposal link at the SF TechConnect Website.

Panera Bread turning off Wi-Fi

On a recent trip to Los Angeles, I discovered a great place to get a coffee, light meal and free Wi-Fi connectivity – Panera Bread. The Santa Monica location I visited had at least 15 customers with laptops on the table beside their food. During the trip, I also compiled a list of other free wi-fi hotspots in the Los Angeles area.

Unfortunately, Wi-Fi access has become so popular that the place has had to institute a policy of turning off the wi-fi access during their 12-2 p.m. busy period. Of course, since the City of Santa Monica operates their own free municipal wi-fi service in the 3rd Street Promenade district and other downtown areas (along with nearby Culver City, Burbank and West Hollywood), I guess customers can simply switch service providers during that period.

Skype Wi-Fi Phone Closer to Release

As previously reported approximately two months ago, Accton Technology had announced Skype-compatible wi-fi handsets. According to InfoWorld, Accton’s VM1185T SkyFone (which comes with a built-in version of Skype’s popular Internet calling software) is set for release mid-February, potentially beating U.S. rival Netgear to market with the first Wi-Fi Skype-compatible phones.
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UTStarcom GF200

According to PCWorld, UTStarcom’s recently announced GF200 phone (Q2 2006 availability) will allow connection to either GSM (Cingular/TMobile in the US or Fido/Rogers in Canada) networks or Wi-Fi hotspots for use with VOIP. The phone apparently supports WEP encryption but lacks the ability to authenticate through public hotspots that require browser authentication.

Using multiple wireless devices in hotels

Many early adopters are now accumulating multiple devices that can connect to the Internet. These can include a laptop (and possibly a second laptop for a spouse or other partner), wireless-capable PDA, voice-over-IP phone adapter or telephone, handheld gaming consoles, etc. When traveling, it is now advantageous to carry a router or even a wireless router.
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Hasbro Chat-Now

Hasbro’s Chat Now product looks like a real winner. Its an FRS type walkie-talkie in a cellphone package and with other cell phone copy-cat features such as the ability to send text messages between units, take photographs with the built-in digital camera and call between units using unique phone numbers. The communication range is listed as two miles but actual distance will likely be significantly less. The product retails for about $80 per pair but they are difficult to find and eBay sellers appear to be getting higher prices. I’ve got a few ideas for Hasbro on turn this “good” product into a “great product”.
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