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Protecting VOIP conversations

Yesterday I wrote about a new unannounced wi-fi voip phone from Linksys, the WIP 300. I am excited by the fact that it appears to be the first wi-fi VOIP phone out there that has a built-in browser (which would likely allow it to connect through most public hotspots that require users to log in or that require users to click through an initial page). Since then I’ve listened to a couple of podcasts about VOIP security and the difficultly of building in functionality to protect (encrypt) the conversation, particularly when products of different manufacturers are utilized. Here’s a thought – why not build in a PPTP VPN client?
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Linksys WIP 300 / 330 Wireless Wi-Fi VOIP Phone

Linksysinfo has apparently found an FCC application filed by Linksys for a new, yet unannounced, wi-fi VOIP handset. No word yet on product availability. However, I’ve quickly reviewed the user manual as posted on the FCC website and what I am really excited about is that the phone appears to include a web browser. This address the problem have written about before (here and here) that all other current wi-fi voip handset cannot be used at most public hotspots since almost all either require a user to log in or require a user to at least click through a page referencing terms and conditions of use.

Congratulations Linksys!!!

Wi-Fi VOIP Handsets and Public Hotspots

Wi-Fi VOIP handsets are great if they are intended for use either with (i) private hotspots or (ii) public hotspots that do not re-direct users to an initial page where they must log in or at least agree (click through) to some terms of use. However, since these devices lack web browsers, they cannot be used with public hotspots that require the user to do something on a redirected initial web page. I’ve tried two experiments in the hope of finding a work around to this problem. One failed but the other succeeded.
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Vonage’s F1000 Wi-fi VOIP phone now available

What a difference a day makes. I reported yesterday that Vonage was finalizing the beta on its new handset. We’ll they have now apparently starting shipping the UTStarcom F1000 wi-fi voip handset. The phone is available for US$79.99 after a $50 rebate. See Vonage’s site for more details. Interestingly, information about it is also available on the Vonage Canada website. So Canadians may not need to wait for a delayed rollout.

Andy happy about free wi-fi

Andy Abramson is happy that the airport he’ll be flying into in January has free wifi. But I think the real question is what is free wifi? Is it wireless Internet access without port blocking (so that VOIP will work)? Is it wi-fi access without a click through page one has to first visit so that wi-fi voip handsets will work. Maybe we should have a color system to describe different levels of access for public hotspots and hotels.

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