Yak4Ever offers free international long distance

Yak4Ever offers free international long distance by calling a US phone number located in Minnesota. Unlike other similar services, it is necessary to first register a phone number and email address prior to using the service, and calls are limited to a list of 10 user-provided phone numbers. The specific subscriber is identified using ANI/CallerID and can then speed dial any of the 10 phone numbers by entering their speed dial locations. Set up is stated to take about 24 hours.
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Skype at Walmart

According to PC World, Walmart is now selling Skype-compatible equipment and Skype pre-paid cards. The “Skype-certified” devices including products from Plantronics, Philips and Logitech. A three month subscription for unlimited calling to Canada and the US is available for $8.88. Seems like the perfect choice for someone who needs a short-term subscription in order to cover a vacation or business trip.

Samsung SMT-W6100

I recently acquired another SIP-based VOIP Wi-Fi handset, the Samsung SMT-W6100. The appeal was the inclusion of a mini-web browser (WAP 2.0) which could be used to log into hotspots that required authentication (or clicking on an “I accept” button before gaining access). The only other VOIP Wi-Fi handset that features a built-in browser is the Linksys WIP 330. However, the long term competition for this type of phone will likely be the dual mode (cellular/VOIP) handsets such as the Nokia N95.
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Laptop Searches

Recently, a client who came to Canada from the US in order to assist in the negotiation of an outsourcing contract had his laptop examined by Canada customs agents while clearing customs at the border. While nothing incriminating was found and he was quickly on his way, the incident highlights the increased risk of international travelers having their laptops searched or detained by Canadian and/or US border agents.
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